if a spoon howls

- Research Notes - 17 August 2017 - Albert Lea, Minnesota -

Montana is a very long state, from West to East (empirically reasoned). Other states which are also long: South Dakota (empirical), North Dakota (a priori). States which are quite short in West-East dimension: Idaho (empirical). States which are neither quite long nor quite short in West-East dimension: Idaho (a priori).

States which have handles: Idaho.

Other things which have handles: spoons.

Spoons seen in Idaho: zero.

Spoons which exist in Idaho: zero.

- Dr. A. Schneider, SpR -

howls from the road

Notes from the Used Spoon Association researched, written, recorded, and compiled by Mr. A. Schneider, SpR, accompanied by howls from the elusive K!tchen Spoon.

More information: www.howlingspoon.wordpress.com

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