note from the road #54

Dear Mr. Sillitoe and Ms. Stephenson,

Following our last conversation, I regret to inform you that my notes (numbers 1-54), have been lost. With them, I have lost much of the work from the first part of my journey across the Used Spoon Association. I am currently in the process of gathering what documentation remains, in the hopes of soon publishing. As you know, I lost track of K!S following the events of Lundi Gras in New Orleans. With no sign of them for some time, I took shelter amongst a number of friendly creatures while compiling my sightings from the Western USA into Louisiana. Nearly finished with this project, and before appropriately securing my work, I acquired information which lead me to believe K!S had made their way north to the Appalachian region of the USA. Too hastily did I journey away from Louisiana, and while furtively steering through the night, my papers were ripped untimely into the wind, somewhere along an unknown Alabaman road.

I did, however, succeed in another near-encounter with K!S in the hills of Appalachia. Below is a picture of the spoon in question at the Gesundheit Institute in Pocahontas County, WV.

The timing of the spoon’s appearance was illuminating, to mean the least, and I will expound further on this occasion in my next letter. But for now, I must leave you with this Kentucky mystery. Crumpled beneath my creature, I found this –

Attached to the opening leaf were a few scribbled pages of poetry, which I hope to transcribe in the coming days.

Please do let me know of your spoon encounters. It seems most spoons have scattered from their place of initial animation since January of this year. I continue to wonder where they have gone, as only K!tchen Spoon, though ever-evasive, has continued to make appearances. Infrequent as they may be, as frustrated as I am to have the ladle continue to slip through my fingers, I remain ever-hopeful of one day seeing the spoons howl together again. After all our work to retrieve the SPB from SPT… I simply cannot bear to think all has been lost to the cupboards of time once more.

Your ever-howling collaborator,

Mr. A. Schneider, SpR

howls from the road

Notes from the Used Spoon Association researched, written, recorded, and compiled by Mr. A. Schneider, SpR, accompanied by howls from the elusive K!tchen Spoon.

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