iva takes a boat is a history of a pair of yellow polka-dot pajamas.  it is also about a boat, and everything we know about a handful of dates.

this is a 45 minute performance, devised at intervals over the course of a year. first performed at the vanishing festival in new orleans, iva takes a boat was most recently re-composed into its current iteration and shown at cottrill's opera house in thomas, wv following a one month artist residency with crumbles' vaudeville.

A forty-five minute performance about spoons, tomato soup, and other things. Performed as a part of an Artist-in-Residence project with the School for Designing a Society in Urbana, IL.

A series of four performances, each between five and twenty minutes. A practice-led devising process incorporating fragments of somewhat poetic text with physical gestures and playful interactions with everyday objects. Performed in New Orleans at the Fly Movement Salon, Love School Performance Art Festival, the Rubber Flower Poetry Hour, and at Foam in St. Louis.


Mrs. Smith went on vacation.


Dario said to be vulnerable. He said to take care of our audience. He said, take two slips of paper. Use them. We played a game in the car. We used that too. Mrs. Smith went on vacation. She brought a lot of things and not everything fit in her suitcase. Mrs. Smith went on vacation. She wanted to be reasonable about matters. She wanted to prove she could take care of herself. Mrs. Smith went on vacation. Go away, leave me alone. She said she’d fight if it came to that. Mrs. Smith went on vacation. Hug me. Hold me. Intimacy scares me.


Just kidding, I’m fine.

frequently, given any opportunity, our stepfather will tell a joke about a pig.

this performance is our version of that joke, disjointed and retold as a kettle of yellow molasses, poured onto our shoes, reminding us that creatures can be lonely too.

this performance is about us, what we would have done, and what’s inside our ribs.

performed at the New Orleans Fly Movement Salon in April 2017.

This is about an egg larger than most eggs. This us about us, you, and baseball. Violence overpowers us, childhood undertakes us, capitalism destroys us, and a pea pod gives us shelter. Two creatures - fool, dog, bird, turnip, human - flesh, words, polyester stuffing. One egg. One dream.

Make what will have been something to nourish again. Go Team.

A performance for Only Skin Scratch #3 at The Poetry Club.

The Farmer and his Creature appear from a prosperous land beyond to answer questions from Spoon, anguishing in his bowl as abandoned fruits and vegetables are thrown at him, howling at the injustices of late capitalism and hierarchical structures.

Performed via video link for Melbourne's Hot!Hot!Hot! Festival in collaboration with Howling Spoon.


A piece for Close Shave, Live Art for Young Audiences, at Buzzcut Festival 2016.

This is a piece about choosing between a spoon and a pen. This is a piece about deciding if you’re an astronaut or a bread baker. Do you want to eat or draw pudding portraits? Do you want to wear a raincoat or a fleece jumper? This is a piece about not needing to know. Spoon. Pen. Why the egg?

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