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al & dog is a performance project focused on devising intentional compositions which play with language, meaning, and use. part clown act, part absurd theatre, part historical non-narrative, al & dog’s work plays with how things are said, when they are said, and where they are said. al & dog’s work is devised from fragments of text, historical minutia, gesture and sound, and sometimes strange props. their performances are concerned with the placement of each fragment and value the act of composition as its own performance event.

al schneider is a performance maker, researcher, teacher, and collaborator. they make work with dog and other creatures. al has very small and somewhat crooked pinky fingers. they are interested in language.


al completed their mlitt in theatre studies at the university of glasgow and holds a ba with an emphasis in theatre and performance studies from the evergreen state college. al is unsure about most things.


dog malone is an autonomous creature, half-priced polyester stuffing and all. Dog can do tricks. dog lacks a leg. dog is neither a goat nor a sheep. dog is a dog. dog continues dog's never-ending research into all things creaturely. dog is not affiliated with any institution of education.

two creatures, one of flesh and one of fabric, al & dog have been working together since 2015. originally from washington state, they have lived and made work in glasgow, new orleans, illinois, and west virginia.  they currently live in urbana, il where they are working with the school for designing a society.